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The Dataset

Bibliographic data for this study came from Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science (WoS) database. Originally, eleven  journals, representing a broad spectrum of disaster-related topics, were selected from a list of WoS-indexed journals.  This method was chosen over a search-based selection method, as it avoids potential selection bias in the search criteria, as well as search-related problems (e.g. “emergency management” is a frequently appearing term in non-disaster related medical articles).   A WoS search was conducted for EDM-related articles within two key public administration journals: Public Administration Review and Administration and Society.  This was done due to the findings of Cutter, Waugh, and Cigler (2012).  It was felt that including articles from these public administration journals was necessary for an accurate representation of the field.  The search included any article with “disaster” or “emergency management” in the title, topic, or keyword.

Complete records were obtained for 1986-2011.  Due to scarcity in records prior to 1993, the final time period for study was established at 1994-2011. Many journals are not indexed through the entire study period.  The citation information contained within the WoS records suffers from misspellings and other variations (e.g. some citations use full name, others use both initials, and others use just the first initial, for the same author). Considerable time (about a month and a half) was required to standardize as many of these variations as possible before the final analysis runs.

Information on the dataset and its composition is contained below:

Dataset ImageArticle distribution by yearArticle distribution

(July 2013 Update):

At the time that I wrote the thesis I had not started reading about self-organized criticality and complexity science.  Anyone with some familiarity with these topics might have noticed that the above distribution of citations received by the source articles appears to be defined by a power law.  This finding has been observed by other researchers investigating citation networks.  This also suggests to me that the dataset is representative of the field.


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