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Results: Author Co-citation Analysis (ACA)

In the interest of space and sanity, only a selection of results and visualizations from the analyses presented in the thesis are presented below and on the pages to follow.  Even with a limited sample, it is believed that you can see the potential usefulness of the application of  co-citation analyses and KDViz in EDM, as well as the evidence supporting the conclusions that will be drawn.  The cited references of the 2385 source articles reveal the structure of the intellectual base of EDM that comes closer to showing the full extent of EDM’s disciplinary body of knowledge than any previous method. The body, however, appears to be primarily the academic/scientific body of research and writings, with works related to professional application not being a significant part of the network (except for works in the field of engineering).

Individual Author Most Cited ACA2 ACA3 ACA4ACA Network Visualization labeled with thematic and subject matter areas.


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