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Doing Disaster Assessment with ARC following April 2011 tornado outbreak.

Doing Disaster Assessment with ARC following April 2011 tornado outbreak.

Well I suppose if you have come to this page you want to know something more about me….

I am a native of Dallas, Texas, though I have also lived in Amsterdam, the Northwest of England (Manchester-Liverpool area), Las Vegas, and Mesa, Arizona.  I currently reside in a small city about 25 miles north of Dallas. I hold a B.A. in Psychology, with Philosophy minor, which I earned in 1993 from Texas State University-San Marcos. Following graduation, my intentions had been to work a year or two before going on to graduate studies in clinical neuropsychology. I ended up working for nearly ten years in the field of brain-injury rehabilitation, including four years as an Assistant Psychologist at a facility in England, and three years as a Neuropsychological Testing Specialist at a facility in Dallas.

My interest in the field of disasters began in earnest in 2009 after becoming a SKYWARN storm spotter and American Red Cross volunteer in the Disaster Assessment activity within the Information and Planning Group. Some of my roles include: Disaster Assessment (DA) supervisor; Volunteer Partner for Special Projects in the Information and Planning Group; Instructor; and member of the State Disaster Coordinating Team. I have worked several local tornado and flood events, as well as a ten-day deployment as a DA Supervisor in Mississippi following the late April 2011 tornado outbreak and Mississippi River flooding; and another ten-day deployment to Florida in 2012 following TS Debby, where I worked as a DA supervisor in the relief operations headquarters. My specialties include disaster information/intelligence analysis and crisis mapping using both Google Maps and ArcGIS.

My academic/research interests include: application of bibliometric techniques and knowledge domain visualization to the study of EDM; professionalization and disciplinary  issues; evidence-based practice standards; Integrated Disaster Risk Management; Disaster Information/Intelligence Analysis and the use of social media and emerging technologies; crisis mapping and crowdsourcing.  I have also recently, as readers of my blog might have noticed, become very interested in the implications of complexity science and self-organized criticality on disaster policy.

Having completed my thesis and requirements for the M.A., I am now actively investigating doctoral programs.  By day I continue to work as an assistant to a successful real estate agent. Outside of the academic pursuits, my interests include severe storms, amateur radio (callsign KE5ZWE), art, music, tennis, racquetball, my rescue cat Andromeda, and supporting my local sports teams.

Feel free to contact me anytime at joseph.martin3@att.net or jmartiniii1968@yahoo.com…..or even jmartiniii@capellauniversity.edu….

Myself with two GIS researchers from University of Southern California.  We had just returned from a survey of damaged areas following April 3rd tornadoes using their geocoded video system.

Myself with University of Southern California GIS researcher Dr. Andrew Curtis (center) and his assistant. We had just returned from a survey of areas damaged following the April 3, 2012 DFW tornado outbreak.  They had flown out to Dallas to test possible application of  geocoded video cameras in disaster/damage assessment .


  1. recoverydiva says:

    I like the most recent changes you made. Your blog is shaping up nicely.

  2. recoverydiva says:

    The next font/colors do work better.

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