Most Recent Updates:

11/5/2014:  Ebola Scoreboard Update

10/28/2014:  How to Decide Proper Public Health Measures for Ebola in the US

10/25/2014: “The Mob is Rome”: Fear, Ebola, the Media, and Government Response

10/22/2014:  All is Not Well Aboard Good Ship “American Red Cross”

10/18/2014:  Ebola and Airborne Transmission

This is the Journal Co-citation Analysis (JCA) visualization used in my thesis as a representation of the entire discipline I call Disaster Studies and Sciences (DSS). It has been labeled according to common (but not necessarily exclusive) thematic areas found across all of the visualizations.

This site is devoted to my projects, research, musings, questions, and observations in the world of Disaster and Emergency Management.  Much of the material here currently centers on my recently completed thesis research into the possible application of Co-citation Analysis and Knowledge Domain Visualization (KDViz).

Although detailing my thesis research and related matters occupies many of the pages, I will also post on work in progress, and will blog on a variety of EDM topics (sometimes presented with my particular sense of humor…) as my time and attention span allows.


My Disclaimer: The thoughts, ideas, and opinions on this site are my own and subject to sudden change without notice.  Many of these thoughts and ideas in these pages are “works in progress” and may not represent my current thinking on a topic.  In some cases material may simply reflect a passing, momentary opinion.  It is best to consider the material here as my way of  “thinking aloud”.  Any unpublished materials on this site are not presented as works of formal scholarship and I ask that they never be misrepresented or critiqued as such.

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